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About Us

Taking pride in every one of our accessories, being individually designed and then hand-crafted  with the sole purpose to inspire the inner balance of its owner.
At Lydia of London we promote style, authenticity, compassion and wearability in any environment.
Lydia is a self-proclaimed child of the universe, her creativity and originality is empowered by her self desire and determination.
Her designs and inspirations come from life's experience, rejuvenation, meditation and the anticipation of what might be... when gazing through the eyes of love.
Her desire to reach out and give anyone who may feel lost or alone a symbol of hope to wear as a constant reminder of their hidden strength and inner guide.
At Lydia of London one of our core principles as an ethical handmade jewellery company is to be fashion forward and ahead of the high street, giving our customers a personal touch in every piece we craft.
We hand make our jewellery in an environment of balance and positive loving energy which we feel imprints itself through every piece of our jewellery.
For the universal, diverse and ethically aware consumer. We pride ourselves on quality and originality.